Offline Marketing Mistakes Amplified Online

One of the many effects of social media is to amplify things. Your successes can become bigger and your failures can become disasters. Pepsi ran a promotion with the New York Yankees that involved giving away baseball tickets along with Pepsi gear. They promoted 200 tickets were to be given away. Hundreds of people lined up and waited for hours upon hours. When only 100 tickets were actually available, the crowd went crazy, chanting Pepsi sucks and throughing Pepsi cans in the gutter.

This campaign was completely offline but has been dramatically effected by online as this video is now on the net and making the rounds. You couldn’t ask for a more damaging spectacle. Pepsi, for their part has admitted they completely blew it and are trying to make amends, but the damage is done and thanks to the Long Tail of the Internet, this video will live on for a long time.

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