Beware Fishbowl Myopia

kingscrossplatformI read and follow a variety of people online and I’m amazed by some of the things said by the so-called A-List bloggers and Twitterers. Nothing against them personally, many of them are very smart and capable people. So many, though, suffer from fishbowl myopia. Every industry has their own fishbowl. That tight group of industry people and those that support the industry. The technology and social media fishbowl has particularly opaque walls. When all your friends are in the fishbowl, when you go to fishbowl parties,when your entire personal and professional existence depends on the fishbowl, you become very myopic. You loose touch with the real world. It changes the way you see and understand things.

I’ll be the first to stand and raise my hand. Hello, my name is David and I suffer from fishbowl myopia. Sometimes I get a big wake up when I talk to people way out of the fishbowl. Does RSS and Google Reader seem second nature to you? Guess what, 90% of the people I talk to don’t know a thing about it and are not sure why they should. When I run into someone with Podcasts on their iPod I get so excited because I rarely see it. As a podcaster that’s depressing, but outside the fishbowl, it’s the way it is.

As technology professionals we’re on the fast train, but realize many others are standing back at the station wondering just how do they get to Platform 9 3/4.

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