Twitter=Instant Feedback

Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame has an interview on the Today show in the morning and by the early afternoon there is an article on about the Twitter response, which was not kind to her. In the never ending question of what is Twitter good for anyway, it is now a real-time feedback mechanism for anyone in the public eye. Celebrities, politicians, or anyone speaking at an event attended by an audience, there is now a Twitter stream of comments about you and your performance as it is happening. When could you ever step off stage or camera and know exactly how you did within seconds? And not from random polling, but directly from the people who watched you. There is no more raw or real feedback than that.

I wonder how long it will take for publicists to catch on and start offering their clients real-time gauges like a simple thumbs up or down based on how the Internet is responding. People could make corrections on the fly, if for example, someone held up a card that said “smile more”. General reactions to the Kristen Stewart interview was that she was dour and not friendly.

If you have an executive who has given a big speech and he asks you how it went, now rather than generically saying it went well because nobody ran out of the room, you can give him/her much more quantitative results. Some quotes and exactly how many positive and negative things were said.

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