Operation Chokehold Seeks To Punish AT&T

A World of Hurt

AT&T has been in hot water with their customers lately. Spotty network coverage in critical areas like San Francisco and New York have customers angry. Add to that comments made by AT&T CEO of mobility last week that blamed customers and their heavy data usage for the problem and things are just getting worse.

Dan Lyons of Newsweek who writes as “Fake Steve Jobs” wrote a blog post positing that if iPhone users all used data heavy apps at the same time on a particular day it would choke the AT&T network as punishment for their poor service and lack of respect for customers. Dan may have written the post with tongue in cheek but some of his readers think it’s a great idea and it’s been gaining steam across the Internet.

Teachable Moment

Parents often call this a teachable moment, and if this plan goes off it certainly will be.

Lesson 1: You cannot hide from your customers anymore. All of your faults will be exposed and spread widely among friends and foes. The opportunity is in your reaction and response.

Lesson 2: Be very careful what you say because customers are listening and your words will be amplified and once again spread widely. AT&T’s implication that they may penalize customers for heavy data usage went over like a lead balloon and was the spark for this latest outrage.

Lesson 3: Never, ever blame your customers for your problems. Payback’s a bitch so they say and your customers have many ways to hurt you now. A nasty letter to the editor is the least of your problems.

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