Netflix New Streaming Only Plan

NetflixNetflix recently changed up its DVD rental options, singling a shift away from physical DVD’s and toward streaming of content. There is now a streaming only option for only $7.99 a month. Normal DVD by mail plans go up by $1.

Netflix has very smartly pushed their software onto just about every streaming media device available today from Xbox to Google TV, Apple TV, Roku and many Internet connected DVD players. It makes sense for them to offer a streaming only plan to go along with these devices. The only problem is that while Netflix has increased it’s streaming movie and tv offerings, it’s still nowhere near what is available for their DVD by mail customers. For this to really work, Netflix is going to have to push even harder and make many more  movies available for streaming. Eventually, in all reality, there should be no DVD by mail all and everything should be streaming only. You would think movie studios would love this as profits are higher and copying movies is make more difficult. But as with many things lately, the DVD business model is so firmly intrenched change is hard.

It’s becoming more clear that this is where we are going in the future. Content will be largely cloud based and will be available on demand as a stream. It’s best for all parties really even though some will be slow recognize it.

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