New Years With Ke$ha

Maybe we should set one thing straight first. I generally don’t give a crap about new years or it’s celebrations. It’s an excuse to get drunk, an excuse to get laid, an excuse to make promises you won’t keep. It’s ok to do something in acknowledgment of the changing of the year but new years is so overblown and filled with too many expectations. It’s true of most holidays, especially Christmas. I think it’s why people often get depressed around the holidays. It’s all too much and no one can possibly live up to the hype.

Hanging around new years eve watching the putrid crap that goes for new years eve coverage from New York is particularly depressing. This year the best ABC could do was Ke$ha and the Backstreet Boys. God bless Dick Clark, one of the legends in music but this is what his famous show has come down to; Ryan Seacrest standing next to Ke$ha for new years 2011.

Most people probably start their blog in the new year with something hopeful. Oh the great things I will do. I didn’t want to do that. I’m starting with an angry, angst filled rant. Why not? I’m not promising a damn thing to anyone, especially myself. There are plenty of things I need and want to do this year. None of it means a thing unless it happens. Action is everything; it’s the only thing. So I’ll leave it at that. Ke$ha is a no talent hack but she got more done than me last year. I have some catching up to do.

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