Climbing Through The Nine Layers Of Hell

Dantes InfernoWe’ve had a pretty interesting week and a half.

The labor and delivery of Christopher was crazy enough. 36hrs for the whole thing which included incorrect doses of petocin, a bag of water that didn’t quite break, contemplations of c-section and finally an incredibly intense, manic and painful hour and fifteen minuets for the complete dilation and birth. This is our third chid. I have experience in these things. I’ve never, ever, experienced anything like that in my life. It’s just nothing like the videos tell you. It never is.

Despite it all, Christopher was born and is fit as a fiddle. We walked out of the hospital, no wheelchair needed. Lisa felt great.

24hrs later Lisa has the chills and a slight fever. Nursing is not going so well. The fever and chills get worse. By the next day things are falling apart fast. Now Lisa develops a strange rash on her hands that looks like hand foot and mouth disease.We have a baby visit with the pediatrician who says he has lost more weight than he should and he’s jaundice. It’s from not nursing well which is due to Lisa’s sickness. So we start supplementing immediately.  It’s the weekend, of course, and our ob is not on call or available. The on call doc prescribes antibiotics. Seems sensible enough but we are worried about the rash so we go to a clinic on a cold, wet Portland night. The clinic doctor takes one look at Lisa and says she has no idea what the rash is but thinks we aught to get ourselves to a hospital right away. The baby is on the bottle now and is already looking better in good hands of  Lisa’s mother so off to the hospital we go. Lisa’s not looking so good.

It takes them awhile and many scans/tests but the hospital docs and our regular ob do decide that Lisa has a viral phenomena. She is having trouble breathing by this time and is clearly retaining too much fluid from the pregnancy. We end up spending the better part of three days in the hospital recovering from the phenomena.  Lisa feels terrible and misses the baby too. Finally she is well enough to go home, again.

By the time we get home our oldest daughter (12) has a bad case of the flu. She is as sick as I’ve ever seen her and she ends up missing an entire week of school. Now we’ve got a post pardom recovering mom who is also recovering from phenomena and a kid with the flu. By the end of the week our daughter is starting to feel a little better. I am putting our 2yr old to sleep and my stomach is killing me. I can’t stand it anymore and I puke, hard and heavy. It’s bad. I don’t leave bed for the next day and a half. I am nauseous when I stand and I have body aches and a headache like I’ve never known.

By the time I am able to be somewhat functional although still feeling bad, Lisa’s mom starts feeling it. She has the chills and feels sick. Her dad goes home that night and pukes all evening. It’s spreading and we’ve all got it. By the next day Lisa’s mom is slightly better but now Lisa is in full nauseous, body ache sick mode. Lisa stays in bed for a day and a half.

Today, Lisa made it out of bed. Her mom and dad are looking much better and I’m feeling better than I have in days. I think today we are breaking through the last layer of hell and are seeing a bit of daylight. Christopher, you are a beautiful child; perfect in every way, but the story of your birth and postpartum is a thing of legend.

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