I love Penzu Journal Writing Web App



I’ve been interested in online journal writing software for awhile now but have never found anything that really cut the mustard, until now.

I’ve looked at Mac and PC software in the past and several web based solutions. All fell short in one way or another.

Finally I found Penzu. Penzu is web based beautifully designed journal software. It’s one of the best things I have ever used and I love it dearly.

Penzu has a great design and user interface. It’s web 2.0 and more importantly it’s clean, nice to look at and highly usable. The default design mimics a sheet of lined paper, which is quite appropriate and pleasing. If you want something different, however, there are lots of different design options and backgrounds to choose from. These are only available when you upgrade to the Pro account which is only $19 a year. A Pro account also gets you mobile access, tagging and multiple journals. Don’t tell them but seriously I’d pay more than that for Penzu and be happy to do so. It’s just that good. Penzu also has a neat feature that will email you a reminder if you have not written in awhile. I have not used the iPhone app as I am on Android these days, but the html 5 mobile version on Android is excellent.

Penzu can be used for more than just journal writing as well. I keep a second “journal” that is my blogging journal where I keep links and notes that might make good future blog posts. You can email items into Penzu as well so I often will use the email this article to a friend feature to email to my blog journal from a web page.

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