Three Times A Daddy: Introducing Christopher

ChristopherThey say the third time is a charm. On Feb 8 I became a father for the third time. It’s long past due to introduce Christopher Jacobs. His birth and the days after are already chronicled in a recent post. At this point, all is well and we are all happy and healthy. I love my girls more than anything but I have to say I was really happy to have a boy to round things out. I’m looking forward to a different experience and a whole new special bomding that can only happen between a father and son. One strange thing is Capella at only two and a half, is certainly still a baby, but with Christopher around it’s harder to think of her as a baby. She seems so big now. To be fair she is very much a toddler so that does make a difference.

We never had much trouble finding names for girls but from the beginning we were always more torn on boy names. Christopher was not named until several days after he was born and it was something that literally came to me as I was eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria. I popped into my head and I liked it right away. Lisa took a little longer to warm up to it but eventually it seemed to fit him perfectly. Welcome to the world Christopher.

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