Donald Trump: First Class A-Whole

I wrote earlier in this blog on how I thought Donald Trump could make an interesting and compelling presidential candidate. I take back everything I said as it turns out Trump is a complete and utter joke.

Trump’s big advantage is that he is an outsider to Washington, a practical businessman who knows how to deal with complex business situations. Instead of focusing on his strength and what people actually care about, namely the economy he decides to focus all his effort on Obama’s birth certificate. This issue has been largely relegated to the sidelines, reserved for only the most looney provocateurs. But Trump can’t stop talking about it and every time he does he sounds more inane.

Even when he gets off the birth certificate most of what he has been saying makes little or no sense at all. This is not the thinking of an educated mature adult but more like that of an impulsive teenager. Add to that the maniacal ego and this guy has no shot at the nomination nor the outright election.

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