LinkedIn Moves Past Classifieds For Job Searching

linkedinlogoNew data is out that shows social network LinkedIn has now moved past traditional newspaper classifieds in a survey of how the generation of millennials will search for jobs. Frankly I’m surprised it has taken this long. Newspaper want ads have been a pretty terrible way to look for a job for years now. Newspaper classifieds have been hammered hard over the years by the likes of Craigslist and this is the other shoe to drop, now taking revenue from the want ad section.

What makes LinkedIn so good for job searching is the same thing that makes the Connected Age so powerful, it’s the connections. Personal connections have always been the best way to find a job, Internet or no. Now applicants have a larger pool of connections to call on. In addition, the entire LinkedIn profile, if done correctly, serves as it’s own resume including recommendations. The other thing smart people are doing is climbing the social graph. Find an individual in a company you want to work for and look for those six degrees of separation.

LinkedIn is a great social network because it has locked in on such a great niche market. LinkedIn knows exactly what it is and it’s tireless at fulfilling that mission. It’s the secret to their success.

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