McDonalds Reduces Fries In Happy Meals

Happy MealThank you McDonalds. As a parent, it’s very difficult to avoid a little McDonalds now and then. We  have reduced our visits quite a bit, but sometimes there’s no avoiding it. McDonalds announced today that they will be cutting the french fry portion of their Happy Meal in half and adding apples. Thankfully they will not add a dipping sauce for the apples like so many other so. That sauce is basically a highly sugary carmel sauce. McDonalds also says they will reduce saturated fats, sugar and calories across the entire menu in time as well.

Consumer groups have been hammering McDonalds for years now to change their manu in these ways. A recent study came out last week noting that more states than ever now count their population as obese. People are freezing fat cells at home with ice packs in attempts to slim down. I’m not sure if American attitudes on health and fitness are strong enough to impact McDonalds as more people choose better options but I believe companies like McDonalds have a moral responsibility to act when studies like these come out. There is no doubt they are contributing to the obesity of America which has all kinds of negative impacts in other areas. Feed us, McDonalds but please don’t kill us. As a parent I applaud these recent changes as my 3yr old will eat little else but chicken nuggets and Mac&Cheese.

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