Old Fashioned Guerrilla Marketing

Bulletin BoardWe like to be all high tech and fancy free here at Connected World Media, but on a recent walk around town I noticed a good old fashioned marketing tool, the community bulletin board. Spaces in all kinds of establishments that the public frequents where you are allowed to post materials about your business. What could be better? It’s fairly easy and inexpensive to come up with a flyer you can carry around in the car and post on these boards when you are traveling around town. Just because we specialize in social media doesn’t mean we shun traditional media when it makes sense. Think about it, these free boards can be though of as an early generation of social media. It’s a place where people can share information with each other. It’s not as efficient or sophisticated sure, but why would you pass up a free advertising spot? I’ve made the mistake in the past of overspending on overly elaborate marketing materials. Guerrilla marketing isn’t always the sexiest thing in the world, but often it’s better than your over-processed marketing plan.

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