Surprise! Apple is a Mobile Device Company

apple cloudIn case you hadn’t noticed, Apple isn’t really a computer company anymore. Remember when they changed their name from Apple Computer to just Apple? Now a recent report says 70% of their revenue is non traditional computer related. We’re taking iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

A poplar buzzword lately is the post-pc era. As usual, Apple is the innovator and leads the way. Isn’t it appropriate for the company the originally launched the personal computer era in the first place to lead us into the next era? There is also an interesting concept of the “Internet of things” which I do believe we are moving toward. Apple geeks bemoan the deemphasis of the stalwart Apple operating system, OSX and the growing importance of iOS that powers the iPad and iPhone. For Apple, however, it will be iOS that will power the Internet of Apple things.

With Steve Jobs retiring, at least as CEO, many have wondered what is legacy will be. This is it, I believe; leading Apple into the post-pc era. With this transition, Apple should see a clear path to success for the next 10 to 20 years. The only question now is has Steve Jobs injected enough of his mojo throughout the company to keep them on track. Apple employees need to get themselves little WWSD bracelets. What Would Steve Do?

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