Ron Paul – The Only Intellectually Honest Republican

Ron PaulI’m a Democrat. Pretty much always have been and I support President Obama, for the most part. I certainly wish he would play a lot tougher with the Republicans who, no matter how much good will he may show them, will never truly respect or want to work with him.

I am watching with great interest the Republican process to see who will challenge Obama next year. It has been quite shocking to see the collection of candidates they have to choose from. And here we thought George W Bush was not very smart. Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman; these guys make Bush look like Albert Einstein. When did dim witted become the new black in Republican politics?

Of course even those who are not completely out to lunch are full of s*it. Politicians have always been full of s*it, but they used to be better at hiding it. These days, it seems, you don’t even need to.

I am not a big fan of Ron Paul and I’m certainly not a Libertarian. Yes, remember Ron Paul isn’t even a real Republican, he’s a Libertarian. Twice he was their candidate for President. However, the more I watch and listen this campaign year the more it becomes painfully obvious that Ron Paul is the only intellectually honest Republican left. I don’t agree with most of Paul’s positions and I wouldn’t vote for him for president, but what a breath of fresh air he is into a room full of skullduggery. It’s no wonder he gets good support from young people. The youth these days can sniff out bull crap a mile away and they’re sick of it. Young people know Paul is the only intellectually honest Republican and they love him for that.

Despite being a Democrat, I don’t think the country would be a better place if everyone was a Democrat. We need a strong two party system, at least two parties. But the Republican party is not strong and full of intellectually honest people. It seems to only value the dim witted, completely non flexible types. Donald Trump, Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Palin. This is your new Republican party. I can’t help think William F. Buckley himself would be embarrassed.

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