Why Romney Feels Like Hillary Clinton

insane clown posseIn 2008 the Democratic primary was Hilliary Clinton’s to loose. It was pretty well known even a year before that she would win the contest. She had everything going for her, no way she could loose. Then, out of nowhere, comes Barack Obama and completely by surprise, steals the primary from her.

This nightmare senario is playing out again four years later, but this time it’s on the Republican side and the victim is Mitt Romney. This was Romney’s primary to loose. He has had everything on his side; the money, the establishment. Newt Gingrich’s primary was over before it even began. In the first week of his run, Gingrich imploded in spectacular fashion. Over, done. Now, the one thing that Romney could not afford to happen has happened. With all the other Republican candidates worn out, the anti-Romney votes have all coalesced around Newt Gingrich. As a commentator I heard recently said, Romney has been playing not to loose rather than to win. But, in fact, the more Romney opens his mouth, the more he puts his foot in it. The Bret Baier Fox interview, the $10,000 bet debacle. Romney looked a lot smarter when he hardly said anything. I could easily see Gingrich taking this primary from Romney and then loosing to Obama. People forget, outside of the far right, Gingrich has pretty high negatives. His ego is out of control  and he can often be a pompous ass. It’s ironic too because the anti-establishment tea party is about to help choose the most inside guy you could imagine for the Republican candidate for president in 2012. The entire Republican field this year has resembled the Insane Clown Posse more than a group of serious people with solid solutions for these difficult times. I think Obama has done some good things in his first term, but also has made some big mistakes. He needs to get a lot tougher in the second term and start calling bullshit on more people.

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