Beware Too Much SEO: Google Changes The Rules

Search GuyMany times, when I hear people talking about Internet marketing they are mostly talking about search engine optimization (SEO). Companies are obsessed with search ranking on Google, often ignoring other forms of social media marketing. SEO experts have been raking in the cash as well selling companies their fancy tricks for climbing the search ranks. I don’t necessarily have anything against SEO per se and I do reasonable  SEO on Connected World Media projects, but it’s not the complete story.

The party is about to end, however, as Google will be changing their algorithm to compensate for “over optimized sites”. This penalty for overly SEO’ed sites will level the playing field, giving sites with great content a better shot at ranking above sites with not as good content but great SEO.

It’s a constant fight between Google and those that seek to artificially manipulate results. Google’s job is to help customers find what the are looking for in the most pure sense possible. It’s always been about the content and this new change is going to make that even more true than ever. Rather than paying thousands of dollars a month for SEO wizardry, companies will be forced to focus on the content. Real, honest, authentic content. It’s about time.

Connected World Media has always been more interested in content and the strategy that surrounds that content than SEO tricks. Please give us a call at 503-208-6426 if you would like help getting your content strategy in order. In the meantime I would recommend  reading Content Rules by C.C. Chapman and Ann Handley, who specialized in business branding. This is one of the few new marketing books that focus on content and content strategy exclusively.

Also I like Godrank. Just check who are Godrank clients and this will help you to understand why I like them.

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