Cha Cha Changes

changeYou may have already noticed the changes here at the website. I once again changed the WordPress theme, because, well, I have a commitment problem when it comes to WordPress themes. Plus the Genesis Framework I use keeps coming out with great new themes.

The more substantial change, however, will be in the content and focus of the site. This has always been a more personal site and I have treated it much like a laboratory for my experimentation in blogging and social media. I have enjoyed this creative space and I still believe it’s valuable for everyone to have a sandbox to play in. Excuse me while I mix my metaphors. The problem is the lab doesn’t pay the bills and the bills need to start getting paid.

The site will now focus on my professional passions and generating freelance work. There will also be some affiliate advertising too. Rest assured, any product that I recommend or link to is something I fully believe in and think you will gain great value from. You can see from the sub-menu the kind of areas I will be writing about.

Does Connected World Media still exist? Yes, but this site is focused on more transitory and smaller freelance work rather than the larger projects and longer term relationships Connected World Media seeks.

If you are ever interested in working with me, please see the Hire Me page or give me a call at 503-427-8860. The email is

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the new direction.

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