I’m Calling It: Groupon Sitcom Will Be DOA

grouponI wish I knew why Hollywood always thinks these things are good ideas. CBS is moving forward with a new sitcom based on the Internet coupon company Groupon. I’m sure they think it will be The Office for the tech set. I’m sure it will be a bomb.

The first problem is they used a real company name. This just smacks of sleazy promotion. If you really wanted to make a high tech comedy you would create a fictitious company  that could morph into anything. By sticking yourself with one specific company, you’re bound by those company aspects.

There is already one successful geek comedy, the Big Bang Theory and I doubt you’re going to outdo that one. Geeks aren’t really all that funny and working in Silicon Valley isn’t a laugh riot, although they have moved the show to L.A for just that reason I suspect. Oh, geeks out on the town in Hollywood.  And the hilarity ensues.

You can smell the stench all over this one. Groupon isn’t even that popular of a company. It would have made more sense to model the show after Facebook and have a quirky Mark Zuckerburg-like CEO.

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