The Incredibly Short Sighted Movie Industry

movie-tickets-popcornI don’t ask for much, but I want what I want. My daughter and I were to have a movie night and we decided we wanted to see Iron Man, the original 2008 movie. I hop on iTunes and find I cannot rent the movie, only purchase it. I don’t want to purchase it, I just want to watch it one time with my daughter. Interestingly enough, you can rent Iron Man 2. Her second choice was Captain America which you cannot rent either. I could not rent Iron Man on any system I had acces to including

Why can’t I rent Iron Man, which is a four year old movie? What in God’s name are you protecting and why is this movie more valuable than Iron Man 2 which was just as good a movie? Here I am, willing and happy to give you some money so I can watch the movie I want to watch one time. Why won’t you take my money? If you think I will break down and just buy it, you’re sorely mistaken. Would you like to know what does happen?

People who are not tech savvy curse your name and go away angry. I didn’t know it was such good business to anger and frustrate your customers. Talk to the music industry about how that worked out for them. Tech savvy people will head straight for a not so hard to use website and simply download a copy. They will get to watch the movie they wanted and you will be out the money. Either way, that’s a stupid business proposition. It’s been proven time and time again; if you don’t give people what they want, you will turn them into pirates. And these are people who would have been more than happy to give you money to get the movie legitimately.

So please, again, tell me why I can’t rent Iron Man?

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