Apple Podcast App vs Downcast

PodcastingThe great uncoupling of iTunes continues with the releae of Apple’s podcast app, a standalone iOS application for subscribing and listening to podcasts. Usually you would do this in iTunes but lately Apple has been taking pieces of iTunes and breaking them into dedicated apications. The iBook app, the video app, and the music app.

The podcast app is fine but you would be better served by the Downcast app. I have been using Downcast for the past year and I love it.  I previously tried literally every podcast app I could find and Downcast is by far my favorite. This is not a full review but suffice to say Downcast has a ton of features in a user interface that is clean and easy to use. The Apple app is perfectly functional, but missed a few key features I can’t live without in Downcast. For example, the Apple app has a skip forward 30 seconds button but Downcast allows you to skip forward 30 seconds and 2 minuets. Not only that, but you can skip backward 30 or 15 seconds.

Downcast allows you to create custom playlists, it syncs with iCloud and has multiple speed playback. All in all it’s a more mature and robust Podcast application.

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