Behind The Scenes At McDonald’s – Outstanding Transparency

One of the most exciting and humanizing things a large company can do is bring us behind the scenes and show us how things are really done. McDonalds of Canada has a YouTube channel that does just this. There are a series of videos all taken from questions solicited by McDonalds from real customers. And these questions are no softballs either. I commend McDonalds for not just taking the easy ones but taking on hard questions. Also great is you get to meet several different McDonalds execs and personel as they select the appropriate person to host the video depending on what the question is. All the McDonalds people are great and natural on camera. I don’t know how produced the videos actually are, but they come across as very authentic.

Not only is this a great look behind the scenes but it’s an outstanding example of transparency. No attempt is made to gloss over or sugar coat anything. The facts are presented, straight forward and honestly. Between this and the Meet The Farmers video campaign, I give McDonalds the gold star award for best use of social media by a large corporation.

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