Game Developers Abandon Google+

Google-Plus-GamesGames on Google’s social network Google+ always seemed like a half hearted effort to me at best and now news that several prominent game developers are moving off the Google+ platform. It’s more bad news for Google who continues to struggle to gain a foothold in the social space. Google+ is good technology but without a soul. It’s what makes Google different than Apple or Facebook who not only have the technology but who know who they are and what they’re about. They have a strong identity.

Google’s entire existence is built upon advertising, not exactly a business that has required a soul but more efficiency which Google excels at. In our new connected world, people want technology with a heartbeat. This is Google’s Achilles heel. They hire super smart people who develop efficient, solid code but they don’t hire enough artists. This is the secret to Apple. Steve Jobs was always interested in hiring artists along with his engineers. This is what he ment when he said Apple sat between the disciplines of liberal arts and technology.

If Google+ is going to thrive, it’s going to have to find  it’s mojo; it’s identity. It cannot be simple Google’s Facebook. It has to carve out for itself something unique and exciting. This will be the determining factor as to if Google+ survives or not.

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