Pinterest Driving Significant E-Commerce Action

pinterest ecommPinterest is the hot social network of the moment. More than just a pretty face, however, new data suggest Pinterest is driving some significant e-commerce traffic, outdoing even the mighty Facebook.

In the first quarter of 2011, Facebook held 88% of the social media traffic to retailers. A year later, Facebook is at 60%. Pinterest started 2011 at 1% and is now at 26%. That’s an astonishing growth for Pinterest. Overall, social media traffic grow by 77%. If you don’t have a solid social media strategy for your company, it’s clear you are missing the boat.

But let’s back up and talk about Pinterest. This new social network is different than the rest in a few ways. Primarily, it’s interface is nothing like the typical streams found on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus. Pinterest presents a very attractive, almost magazine style layout of the people you are following. Also, since Pinterest is driven heavily by images, it is the most graphical network.

Here is the other big thing about Pinterest. It attracts a high percentage of women and non technical users. Technically oriented users and geeks are naturally among the early adopters to social networks and some networks still appear to be dominated by them. But if you want to break through to a more typical consumer, where do you go? Up until now, I would say Facebook was your best bet. Pinterest, however, is quickly taking over as the preferred typical consumer network. Pinterest is full of people posting things related to food, architecture, interior design, hobbies and jewelry. Pinterest is the first social network I have experienced that looks and feels and acts like “regular people”. Of course, affiliate marketers came down on Pinterest like a plague of locusts, but the site took measures to put the kabosh on that.

Does your business need to be on Pinterest? The answer, as usual, is maybe. If you have a business targeting women or if you are in the fashion, landscape, interior design, cooking or design industries, you should run not walk to Pinterest. Many other businesses could benefit as well and that’s part of the analysis we do at Connected World Media. Not all networks are right for all companies and it’s always a matter of time and resources as well. Drop us a line at 503-208-6426 if you would like to talk about which social networks your company should get involved with and how.

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