The Corporate Enterprise Cloud War Heats Up

Cloud-computingUntil now, the majority of cloud computing services has been focused on the consumer. Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive among the many available services. There are also cloud backup and applications. Many of the small startups driving the cloud revolution have used Amazon cloud services to power their services.

Now it looks like cloud computing has matured enough to start moving into the corporate enterprise space. There is news this week Google will announce a cloud services platform to compete with Amazon. More than competing with Amazon, however, Google may be really going after the enterprise market. Microsoft also has been making rumblings about getting into this market. Microsoft has always been strong in the corporate world and they have the largest development platform in Windows, so this makes great sense for Microsoft. There are indications as well that Amazon itself may move toward the corporate market as well.

The corporate enterprise market is large and lucrative for cloud computing and there are three big players moving in. This is going to be fun to watch.

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