Verizon Jumps Into The Connected Car Game

Connected CarsWe talked before about Ford and the Internet of Things, now Verizon is putting together a collective of car companies to also push forward the idea of the Connected Car. This marks the first time a carrier is this deeply involved and it is interesting for a number of angles. For one, Verizon could gain a strong foothold with these car makers for their LTE network over others. It’s unclear how all this would work. Would Verizon sell the network to the car makers who would private brand label it or if you are already a Verizon customer, would you get a special deal?

Clearly Verizon sees the car as the next battlefield where connected services will be in play. Ford saw this awhile ago and already has a jump on everyone and there are indications that Apple may enter the fray as well.

There are also serious questions of how connected we really aught to be in the car when our primary purpose should be driving. You though texting and driving was bad, what about all this? Distraction multiplied. Much of this, I believe, will hinge on voice control which is something Ford has been doing very well at. Apple doesn’t typically like to license,, but I could see a very lucrative income stream for Apple in licensing Siri technology for these purposes. As I said, there are indications Apple may enter the car market themselves, but exactly how and when that happens remains to be seen. What is clear, however, is the battle over the car as a connected place has begun.

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