Dish Network Vs AMC: Everybody Is Going To Lose

Dish Network is at war with AMC and DirectTV is at war with Viacom and .

Customers loose because they will not have access to some of their favorite shows. They will be forced into paying yet more money for an iTunes download (does anyone remember the economy we are in?) or be forced into piracy.

Dish and DirectTV loose because they will likely loose some customers to cable and will have a terrible relationship with those that stay. Nothing like living with an abusive spouse.

AMC and Viacom loose because they  don’t have that set of customers represented by Dish and DirectTV. Both players loose monetarily as nobody is getting paid in the current stalemate situation.

But let me tell you what’s really going to happen. Illegal downloads of popular shows like Breaking Bad are going to explode. Yes, many customers will get what they want and both Dish and AMC will suffer for it. Call it an apt revenge as it’s always the customer who gets left holding the bag when titans fight. In days of old, customers didn’t have this kind of power so this game of chicken could work. Now, however, networks and providers don’t have absolute power anymore. Once you hook people on the blue meth, you can’t judge them the things they will do to keep getting it.

Here is what is so painfully obvious, the business model for television is horribly broken. It’s going to be painful and some companies are going to get hurt; hell, some may go out of business, but if someone doesn’t do something soon, the entire industry could go down in flames. You only need look at the steaming pile of wreckage that is the music industry today. It baffles me the TV industry is seemingly not able to avoid this brick wall they are speeding toward.

The world is made of bits and companies do not control the distribution channel anymore. These are the facts. Deal with them or die The future generations are not going to stand for this nonsense for half a second. When networks and providers fight like this it’s like mutually assured destruction. I just don’t get it.

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