Don’t Short Change Your Social Media Profiles

your-social-media-profileOne of the common and key components of all social networks is the profile. I see too many people and even brands not using the profile to it’s fullest capability. The profile is important because it is one of the first things people look at when they are trying to make a decision about you. To follow you or not, visit your website or not. These are important decisions that could be the difference in gaining a new relationship or even a sale. Here are some rules for maximizing social media profiles.


Your photo should be of excellent quality. Nothing blurry or with a complex background. You want to be clearly seen and recognized. I would suggest staying away from cartoon representations as well. They are cute and some are very well done, but I can’t justify it for business purposes. I have actually had people that I never met in person before recognize me at public events because of my social media profile photo. That’s what you are going for. To that end, I would also recommend using the same photo across all your networks. The goal here is to be recognizable. Especially if you are an entrepreneur, your face is your brand. Other rules for photos: Only you in picture, no pets or strange objects, open eyes, smiling. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you want yours to say, hey call me. Let’s do business together.


The description varies among networks. Some give you generous space, others not so much. This is your 30 second elevator pitch. You have a short amount of space to make an impression. Like an elevator pitch, you want to make sure you convey the most important information. Who are you, what do you do and why should I be interested? Remember, people are going to make a decision to engage with you or not partially based on this description so make it good.

Facebook Considerations

Facebook business pages have an extended profile that allows for things like awards, products, founding date and more. I would fill out as much of this profile information as you can. The more complete a picture of your business you can provide the better and it all goes into Facebook search as well.

Google+ Tip

Here is my big Google+ tip for Google+ business pages specifically. Google+ business pages allow you to add links to any website you want in addition to your basic company page link. Use this to add links to subpages of interest on your site, like your newsletter signup page or a landing page for a particular product.

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