Google+ Finally Opens Up A Little With New API

Google PlusGoogle has had trouble getting any serious traction with it’s Google+ social network in the face of stiff competition from Twitter and Facebook. One of the big things those other networks have, however, that Google has not had is an open API. What this means is third party application developers and other web services can interface with Facebook and Twitter easily. Having more applications and services to interact with has helped Facebook and Twitter grow dramatically.

Right out of the gate Google+ had no API and while many had expected one to be released quickly, no such thing has appeared. There are reasons Google has lightly suggested as to why they have not released an API, but there is little doubt now, not having an API has hurt Google+ adoption. So, finally this week Google has opened up access for third parties to at least the Google+ business pages. I think eventually they are going to have to relent and open things up all the way but at least this is a start. What this means for business is you can, as of today, use Hootsuite to update your Google+ business pages. I still prefer Bufferapp but they have not gotten their program updated yet. Hootsuite was one of the lucky nine companies that got very early access to a preview but hundreds of other developers are being added over the next few weeks. As always, if you woud like help setting up a Google+ business page or integrating your social networks with your log/web presence, please give us a shout. We would love to help.

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