Loving Pursuit Horizon

PH-Amanda-ZachThanks to Leo Laporte and the Twit network I was introduced to Zach Settewongse and Amanda Pollard. Zach and Amanda are going on one of those awesome epic adventures in life. They quit their jobs, loaded up their motorcycles and are currently on a three month road trip across America. The are blogging daily, producing a weekly video podcast and hope to make a complete documentary film at the end of it all.

The road trip, the motorcycles, the technology, it’s hard not to fall in love with it all. They are carrying an impressive amount of tech including laptops, film and still cameras, camera mounts and more. They have also done a great job getting sponsors for the trip and decking out their bikes with all manner of stickers from companies who’s products they are using.

My life, with a wife, three kids and a burgeoning social business company to run, I’ll be having fun living vicariously through these two all summer.


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