Next Issue Ties To Be The Netflix Of Magazines

next issueThe translation of magazines to digital format has been a bumpy ride so far. We’ve seen technologies like Zinio do a pretty decent job. Apple has probably come closest with it’s Newsstand app on iPad. Now, something of a breakthrough, at least on the distribution end. Next Issue Media has released an app for the iPad that allows you to pay one monthly subscription price for access to a whole raft of magazines. They have previously had an Android app available as well. This is the fist time this kind of all access subscription for magazines has been tried. It’s much like the Netflix model for movies which is why many are calling it the Netflix of magazines.

Many big titles are represented including Time, Wired, and Vogue among others. It’s a decent list but relatively short. I think Next Issue is going to have to significantly increase the amount of titles available if they are really going to work. But there is great potential here and if you read more than about three magazines a month that they have, the math works out, it’s a good deal.

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