Twisted Light: Sounds Kick Ass, Is Kick Ass

twisted lightSometimes pure technology research is simply amazing. Ever since we first invented fiber optic computer networks, we have known that light is the ultimate carrier of information. Friction-free as they say. Now, a team of researchers at USC has just upped the ante. They have taken existing twisted light technology and amped up the throughput to the equivalent of 70 DVD’s a second. For those uber geeks among you, that’s 2.56 terabits per second. For those of you in the south, that’s frickin fast man.

The new technology involves manipulating “phase holograms” to twist eight beams of light into a DNA-like helix. I have no idea what that means but I like it. I only worry about what Frontier is going to charge me for that much speed. Am arm, a leg, my first born? I’d give you a leg, maybe. I need my arms to type. Kudos to those brave men and women working to help us download porn faster.

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