Tell Great Stories By Listening To Great Stories

The MothI want to make a podcast recommendation today. I talk a lot about storytelling and it’s importance in content marketing. Nobody  wants  to be sold to anymore, nobody wants to be pitched. The current generation is so media saturated they have become completely media savvy. Add to that the numerous distractions and multiple social media conversations they are having, why in the world are they ever going to listen to your message?

But, everyone loves a great story. It’s something that goes to the core of who we are as humans. The whole world of entertainment be it books, movies, music, tv, or stage is based around stories. You may joke about it, but who really doesn’t love to sit and hear grandpa tell a story about when he was young or his patented technique for catching fish from a stream? Or if you can get far enough away to disconnect yourself from modern conveniences while sitting around a campfire, those are some great stories too. It’s too bad because I think old fashioned storytelling is a lost art.

Maybe with content marketing, good old simple storytelling can make a comeback. To get inspired to tell great stories, it helps to listen to great stories. Fortunately there are some good storytelling podcasts. My favorite by far is the Moth Podcast. Moth events are held around the country and are live real stories told by ordinary people. This is pure storytelling. Some stories are funny, some tragic, but I’ve almost never heard a bad one.

One final thought. Great storytelling for your business requires that you are deeply in touch with your brand. You really have to know who you are and what you are all about, on a level deeper than what you sell and to whom. You might have to get a little philosophical about things. Also, don’t forget your customers. I know you have amazing customer stories just waiting to be told. They may be sitting in customer service or with a salesman, but seek out these stories where ever they are. A customer story is one of the best to tell because people are more moved by authentic stories told by real people than by any other story.

So go out there and listen to some great stories, and then tell some yourself.

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