H+ The Digital Series is Television 2.0

h+There is a great new show on that you should be watching, especially if you are a fan of sci-fi called H+. But it’s not on any traditional network, it’s on YouTube. This is a full blown production with quality that easily matches anything you have seen on the big three networks or cable. In fact, it’s produced and created by Bryan Singer who is best known for his work on The Usual Suspects and the X-Men movie.

Another thing that makes H+ unique is each episode is very short, amounting to around 6 min. Also, sometimes several episodes are release at one time. H+ is a rethinking of the television series in so many ways. Now here is the real mind blower. Part of the reason the show is on YouTube is so viewers can control their own viewing experience. Episodes can be watched in scripted or chronological order. People can even create their own curated playlists of episodes, put together in anyway they wish. Someone might do a playlist of a particular character arc, for example. The audience is now the editor and they will be creating new versions of the show for each other.

This is just one, but a very powerful example of what is possible now that we have moved into the digital era of entertainment. It also embraces the mashup culture that is so prevalent among younger generations. And listen up hollywood, I would happily pay say $4.99 for the series if I had to, it’s that good. I can see this as a model for the future as well. Imagine no cable subscription. You simple pay for shows on a per show basis and everything is distributed via You Tube or Vimeo or Apple TV. As I have said before, the television industry will be massively disrupted and their current business model will be forced to change, it’s just a matter of time. If they are looking for new ideas and ways to thrive in the new world, here is a decent idea.

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