Online Journal Writing With Penzu

PenzuOne of the most beneficial things you can do, especially as a content marketer, is keep a personal, private journal. As much as we share on the Internet, we can’t share everything, and I find it helps to get some things out on “paper” rather than keep those feelings and ideas in my head. Further, just writing helps. The more you write, wether in private or public, you get better. As they say, if you want to learn to write, write.

I would myself much rather type than write with a pen on traditional paper when it comes to journaling and I have looked at so many different journal apps, both for the Mac and web-based. None of them quite did the trick until I found Penzu. Pezu is web-based, has a fantastic user interface and all the security you would want. It’s simple to use, yet can be customized if you wish. It feels very natural and what can I say, it just works. It is free for basic use and has a very reasonable upgrade price if you want some advanced features and customization. It supports multiple journals, tags, search, ect. It also has great iPhone and Android apps.

If you want to start journaling and you want a great digital solution, I could not more highly recommend Penzu. If you use this link and do go pro, you get a 20% discount.

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