The Magic Of Scheduled Blog Posting

If you are reading this post on the day it was published, I am at this moment either still in surgery or recovering at home. I have had a tendon problem in my left hand for the better part of a year now and it just won’t heal naturally, so I am having a procedure done to relieve the inflammation once and for all so it can heal. Obviously, I won’t be blogging today, or will I?

One of the best and most underused features of WordPress, the content management system that runs this site, is the ability to post date blog posts in the future. By post dating blog posts you can be more efficient in your time spent. Many people tell me they don’t have time to blog as they are much to busy in their work day. I get this, but what if you could dedicate an hour or two one evening and write two or three posts? Post date those on Mon, Wed, and Fri and you have done your blogging for the week. This isn’t always the right strategy for everyone, but for some it could be a big difference maker.

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