Using The Power Of OS X Dictation

Voice-Dictation-AppleBecause of surgery my left hand is out of commission but I want to blog so what do I do? I’m using the power of Apple’s dictation features in its new Mountain Lion operating system to literally dictate a blog post. It works amazingly well.

I wondered when I would ever eally ever want to use a dictation feature but this obviously is the perfect opportunity. It gives me hope for the future of vocal interfaces to computers. Maybe someday we will finally be able to get beyond the keyboard. Of course it’s not perfect but it works well enough.

It will be another seven days until I’m back to full speed and my hand is fully healed but I’ll try to do what I can until then. Now you might ask how did you get the image in with dictation? Okay, I’m cheating a little bit. There are some things I can do with one hand.

With regard to the previous post where I talk about post-dating blog posts, yes I could’ve scheduled a number of posts to cover this period but I didn’t. Do as I say not as I do.

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