An Ode To Podcasters And Podcasting

New-Media-Expo-2005There is a private Facebook group that has been created for old time podcasters, those of us from the earliest days of the medium. We have been reliving the old days and sharing artifacts from the time. Photos, audio clips and web links.

I was one of the first podcasters, among the first hundred to ever have a show. I actually started six months after the very first shows and I was pissed I was that late. How could I have missed this new trend? You see, I had been trying to produce a radio show on the Internet for years but it wasn’t technically possible. Not until podcasting.

The early days of podcasting is something I am deeply attached to and have a fondness for I cannot explain. It was a special time. From the very beginning we all sensed we were part of something that was going to become very important. We developed podcasting as we did it. Every week there was another idea from someone on how to hook up equipment or a new show idea. It was wildly experimental and exciting. It was very collaborative and everyone was accepted.

The pinnacle of the experience was our first convention in Ontario, CA. For the very first time we gathered as a community and many podcasters met each other in person for the very first time. These were people who had ongoing relationships online for a year. It’s impossible to describe the excitement and emotion at that first podcast expo but it was palpable. It was one of the great weekends of my life.

So this Facebook group was started and old friends started dropping in and sharing memories and reconnecting. After five minutes reading the posts I became very emotional. I cried as all the memories and emotions of the past came flooding back. Such a great time and its sad because you remember it so well and yet know you can never go back there. It will never happen again, not like that.

And so I say to my cohorts, I love you. In every sense of the word I love you. What a time we had. What magic we made.

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