No Control PR

GOP FailStill think you can control the conversation on social media? Well, you’re wrong and here is another shining example.

On the first day of the Democratic National Convention, the GOP reportedly spent $100,000 on a promoted tweet hashtag #AreYouBetterOff. The problem for the Republicans is Democrats took this as a rallying cry and took to Twitter, along with many other common citizens and flooded the hashtag with answers of yes, we are better off. Not exactly what they were hoping for, I’m sure.

So, lesson be learned, even spending big dollars on a social media campaign does not guarantee the results you are looking for. Social media has a mind of its own and it especially doesn’t like to be told what to think. In truth, I think the fact that the hashtag itself was promoted rather than natural and had money attached was as much a cause of the backlash as anything. Unlike traditional broadcast where powerful individuals with massive sums of money can control media outlets, you can’t control the Internet, no matter how much money you through at it.

So, if social media is not controllable, it is a very dangerous medium, is it not? Hell yes it is. Ask a Republican. All the more reason not to go into social media lightly or without a good plan. And for goodness sakes, as I have said before, don’t hire an intern for this kind of work. I know you probably think it’s the young people who know this new media the best, but there are actually older, seasoned professionals who know it well too. That would be me. Dont’ step on a rake and get smacked with the handle. Give me a shout. Together, we can both prevent social media mishaps.

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