Pinterest Marketing And Analytics

haystackA big change has been moving through the Internet and social media lately and that is the increased focus on image-based content. Spurred by networks like Pinterest, images are becoming as important as text online. As I have said before, it’s very important you have a strong image for all your blog posts because of this. We are moving toward a more visual social web and that means social analytics programs have to keep up.

The first such app is Curalate which is currently working with Pinterest. Curalate uses image recognition technology among other things to collect and analyze data about your content on Pinterest. Curalate can track not only what a company may post but also what other users post about that brand. Even if you don’t have a Pinterest account, there is a good chance other Pinterest users are “pinning” content related to you, especially if you are in one of their hot button areas like landscape, interior decorating or things for kids.

This is also a good example of why you still need to keep an eye out for other social networks you may not be actively participating in. Just because you are not actively involved does not mean your brand, products and services are not a part of the discussion. In the new Connected World, the power over your brand has shifted to the consumers. You can and should be part of the discussion, but don’t ever think you actually control it.

Curalate currently only works with Pinterest, but will expand to other image-based networks soon like Instagram.

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