Facebook Redux

facebook_like_buttonI am having more fun on Facebook these days than any other social network. There is a deep sense of personal satisfaction I have not found on Twitter or Google+. There has always been a different set of people on Facebook than there is on Twitter or anywhere else. Facebook, for many, is a more “personal” network, wherein there are more connections of a personal and family nature. More of my connections on Facebook I have met in person than Twitter, for example. I have also found many people settling in with a network at the exclusion of others. If I want to interact with certain people, I have to be on Facebook because that’s where they are exclusively. Most regular folks really only have time for one network on a regular basis in their busy lives. Only the social media crazy, like myself, are active on multiple networks and even I find it tiresome.

On Facebook, I find more what I call “regular” conversation on a wide variety of topics. What’s going on in peoples lives, a little politics, sports, and movie talk. It’s a nice variety and it helps that Facebook integrates photos and other media so well. On Twitter, I get a much heavier dose of tech, social media and business. Now this is partly due to who I follow on Twitter, but this is the shape of my social media world. Twitter, however, cannot be beat for real-time  conversation. Watching the presidential debates, for example, with the Twitter real-time stream is fascinating. Twitter has it’s place and I love it, but Facebook is like a breath of fresh air for me.

The other major thing that happened was the opening of the Podcast Artifact group. I blogged about this already in my Ode to Podcasting and talked about what a big impact it had on me. This little micro community sprung up out of nowhere and has been deeply satisfying. This led me to discover other Facebook groups, most of which I hade ignored up until now. It turns out there are many great Facebook groups on all mannor of topics and there are wonderful things happening there. They are their own micro communities with vibrant ongoing discussions. This is something I have not found anywhere else, even Google+ which tries to mimic Facebook in many ways. Google+ has very nice technology and some good discussion, but I’m just not feeling it over there. Facebook groups have added a whole new dimension to the network for me and I love it. In case you are wondering I do not participate in any social games on Facebook, although I know it’s hugely popular for many. Again, no other network has the depth and breadth of online social gaming that Facebook has. My other favorite network is Instagram and guess who owns them now? Facebook. Instagram is a wonderful network and a story told in pictures. The Internet is becoming more and more a visual medium and the explosive popularity of Instagram has played a big part in that transition.

Facebook takes a lot of flack over privacy and big changes to its interface, but Facebook is like that saying, I just can’t quit you. Facebook always took a backseat in my social life but no more. Facebook is the first network I check now and I am there more often than Twitter these days. Connect with me on my profile if you like at http://www.facebook.com/davidajacobs. If you would prefer a more business focused experience, like my page at http://www.facebook.com/connectedworldmedia.

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