Wunder Radio iOS App For Radio Lovers

Wunder-RadioLargeLet me introduce you to one of my favorite mobile apps, Wunder Radio.

I have a long standing love affair with radio, which is funny because I rarely listen to it anymore, at least not in the traditional sense. I grew up in Southern California in the late 70’s, back when radio still had a personality. Rock radio dj’s were real people not computers and talked to their audiences like they were friends come over for the day to spin records. On AM, my heroes were Vinn Sculley, announcer for the LA Dodgers and Chick Hern for the LA Lakers. Both of these guys are legends in sports broadcasting. I also listened to CBS Radio Mystery Theatre which I used to fall asleep to. Each of these fueled my love for radio. It’s also a primary reason I eventually got into Podcasting.

Today, I find most radio broadcasting to be stale, boring, and impersonal. Computer controlled playlists and over corporatization have ruined radio. It’s no wonder ratings for radio are so low. Maybe it’s just me, but I do find radio in other parts of the world much more appealing.

So, Wunder radio is a great app for iOS and Android that allows you to listen to radio all over the US and the world. I am particularly fond of a British accent, so I have several stations from England on my favorites list. I may be sitting in rainy Portland, OR but close my eyes and I am transported to the historical streets of London. For more practical matters, if there is a major news story breaking somewhere, you can tune the local station and hear live reaction right from the source. When I get bored of my iTunes music and Podcasts and really want something different, I turn to Wunder Radio and let myself be transported somewhere else. It’s incredibly refreshing to have a different accent in your ear.

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