From Personal Computing To Convenience Computing

AppleProgressionThe evidence and data are becoming clear, tablets are now outselling laptops and it indicates a switch to what I am calling convenience computing.

Utility Computing or work computing is what we do when we are at work. We are typing, creating spreadsheets, graphs and presentations. Typical business computing tasks. For this kind of work, a desktop or laptop computer is ideal. It helps to have a full size, physical keyboard as well as general orientation that supports fast data entry. You also want the ability to connect to a larger screen.

When we are not at work, however, be in on a lunch break or at home, we do more of what I call convenience computing. Here, we are browsing and reading more. Shopping and playing games as well. For this kind of computing the advantages of the laptop aren’t so strong. By it’s very name convenience computing is all about convenience and less about utility. So a thin, light high resolution tablet works great. It also doesn’t hurt that tablet machines like the Nexus 7 are a fraction of the price of a laptop.

In a way I think this is a continuation of the same progression. We started with desktop computers and when laptop machines became popular they were so much more convenient. They were portable so you could take them places; use them in different situations. Now with the tablet computer we have the ultimate in convenience. What’s the next step in convenience? As I posted about the other day I think it’s wearable computing. What could be more convenient than literally wearing your computer?

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