No Resolutions

make-plans-not-resolutionsI hate New Years resolutions. I get the sentiment and the intention but the whole thing always seems contrived.

That being said, here are some things I would like to work on this year

Writing: The more you do the better you get and I want to write a lot more. For starters I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to write a blog post a day. I was no where near that last year but that’s my intention. I want to write in my private journal daily as well. I use a great app for the Mac and iOS called Day One. I have an ebook in the works on marketing and social media that I want to complete too.

Teaching: I have always been good at showing people how to do things technically and breaking down difficult concepts into easier and actionable ideas. I will be focusing most of my time while not looking for a full-time position on producing training products.

Full-Time Work: Speaking of which, the bulk of my effort this year goes to finding a full-time position in marketing/social media or project management in the Portland Oregon area.

A few years ago I left my job in business development at a small web development company to follow my dream of social media. Unfortunately at the time nobody was hiring social media professionals at the corporate level so I went freelance. Now companies are realizing what an important role social media plays in their marketing efforts and are hiring people into that role. It’s a perfect time for me to enter the corporate world again with all my social media experience in tow. I’ve always liked the camaraderie and teamwork that flows at a company. The consistency and stability would also be a good thing in my life right now.

If you are hiring or know someone who is in the Portland metro area please give me a call at 503-522-5746 or shoot me an email at

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