Twitter Launches Vine. Attention Spans Shrink to 6 Seconds

vine-twitterPeople have been trying to create the “Twitter for video” for years now with little success. Seesmic was the first that I remember. Others like Social Cam and Viddy have tried as well. One of my favorites was 12seconds. On that site, you had a limit of, you guessed it, 12 seconds. This was the first video service to severely limit the time limit, but alas, 12seconds failed. I loved 12seconds simply for the intellectual challenge of making something compelling in just 12 seconds.

Now, Twitter itself has released Vine and the limit for video is down to 6 seconds. It makes sense for Twitter itself to release such an app and it anyone could make it work it would be Twitter if for no other reason than their installed base. I don’t know how they came up with 6 seconds and it seems like an arbitrary number but I think it’s going to kill the service. I had enough experience with 12seconds to know, you cannot create anything truly compelling in 6 seconds. It’s just too short. Some of the examples shown are small animated GIF images which are cute, I guess, but ridiculous when it comes to actually making business sense. Other examples move so fast I find them nauseating.

I am disappointed because Twitter had the opportunity to do something interesting and take Twitter to the next level. Video surely is the hot medium right now on the Internet. I hope Twitter quickly sees the error in it’s ways and doubles the time limit to, yes, 12 seconds. That would work.

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