Blue Nessie – Might Be Best Budget Podcast Mic

I’m an old school podcaster, among the fist generation to ever launch a show. In all those years, I have used many different microphones and setups. You can spend anywhere between $99 and $400 for a microphone and I have always advised to not skimp on your microphone as it’s the most important investment you will make into your podcast setup. Times be what they are, however, I imagine many people are looking for less expensive options.

Blue has always been a quality microphone company and has produced some nice, inexpensive USB microphones. This year, however, they have introduced what I think might be their best and most exciting overall microphone of the year. Coming in at only $99 is the new Nessie, a USB microphone for PC or Mac that they call an adaptive microphone. The Nessie has a lot of important things built right in that usually you would have to add on at extra cost. The mic has a built in pop filter, d-esser, and shock mount. Add to that build in sound processing including compression and EQ adjustments as well as a limiter. These are all technical sound terms you can Google if you want because I’m not going to explain them here except to say, you want them in your microphone. If all these features work as advertised, this will be an incredible podcast microphone for the price.

I have always used a more complex and “professional” podcast setup, but due to circumstances, I am looking at moving to a very simple and inexpensive setup. The Nessie looks like the perfect fit and I’ll be getting one to try out. It comes out in mid-April and again, for $99 you could hardly do worse.

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