Roger Ebert, Social Media and Me

RIP Roger Ebert

I discovered Roger Ebert a long time ago when I was just a kid. Siskel and Ebert had recently started, back then on PBS stations. It was a small show only a small number of people knew about. I loved it.

I was already interested in movies and I had been frustrated by other reviewers who seemed more interested in getting their names and pithy quotes on movie posters then providing a real reviews. But Siskel and Ebert were different. They reviewed movies with an eye toward actual filmmaking and film history. They were smart and cared deeply about the art of film. I was inspired by them and thought about a career reviewing movies.

To review movies back then, however, I would have had to pursue a career as a professional writer or journalist. I would have had to work for a newspaper or TV station. I would have had to gain access to the media. Why I never went down this road I am not sure but it may have had something to do with the distraction of technology as I fell in love with my first Apple // computer. Unfortunately for me, technology and media had not yet crossed paths.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if the stars did align. If social media, Roger Ebert and my youth had happened simultaneously. I’m sure I would have started a movie review blog or YouTube channel and who knows where that might have led. One of the most beautiful things about social media today is that it gives kids a chance to try out possible career paths in ways I never had access to. Ebert was such a prolific twitter user my younger self could have reached out to him, maybe started a conversation or at least gotten some questions answered. What an incredible opportunity kids have today to interact with people that inspire them.

Thanks for all the memories Mr. Ebert. You were one of a kind. The best.

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