Google Skeeball Demonstrates the Power of Chrome

Google often ties to show how powerful it’s browser Chrome is and last week was no exception.  Google released a game based on that old classic skeeball game we all love so much. In this version, however, you use your cell phone to control throwing the ball up the ramp.

First you run the game from your desktop or laptop computer. Next, you go to a special web address on your smart phone. You must be doing all this in the chrome browser, of course both on the desktop and phone. The phone somehow syncs up with the desktop version of the game and all of a sudden your phone is a controller for the game. There is a remarkable part at the beginning when you are choosing the number of players where you tilt your phone and the screen on the desktop also tilts in turn. It’s amazing and I bet you’ve never seen anything like it before. When game is ready, you hold your phone and swing your arm back and then forth which lets the ball go. The speed at which you do this does control the speed of the ball. The game, which Google calls RollIt is an uncanny mashup of web browser technology and the sensors in a smartphone. It also shows, as is Google’s point, how far a Chrome application can go. It’s a great experiment and I think Google is going to continue to push Chrome applications, likely in a more practical direction in the coming years. What this means for their other application environment, Android, is yet to be seen.

On a side note, I have always though applications that require you to shake or whip your phone around are unwise at best. Yes, the motion sensors are remarkable, but this always seems to be courting disaster.

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