Kid Mode on the HTC One Phone

The HTC One Android phone is one of the best new phones on the market. It’s fast and has a beautiful design but when I played with one in a store recently what caught my eye was an app that comes with the phone called kid mode.

It’s ingenious. As any obsessive parent like myself knows, it can be a stressful event to give your phone over to your kids when their bored and want something to do. Will they move my icons around? Delete an app or some data? Take a hundred pictures of the floor? Yes I’m probably overly obsessive about my phone but I’m sure at least some of you are with me on this.

Kid mode puts your phone into a special state where the kids can’t do anything damaging to your phone. They get access to a special screen of kid based apps powered by Zoodles, many of them educational. In addition, you can choose which apps you have already installed on your phone you want to give access to in kid mode.

To be honest, Zoodles is available for any android or iOS device, phone or tablet but having it installed on the HTC One by default is very convienent and I probably would have never known of its existence otherwise.

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