Makers and Customers Connect Online

What a fantastic connected world we live in. Things that were never possible are now possible. I am always excited when I find examples of these facts.

I happened upon Custom Made, a website that brings together artisans of all kinds and potential customers. Customers start by describing their project which can be anything from a custom piece of glass to wood shutters or a bar stool. You spec out your project, provide photos or drawings and propose a budget. Artisans create their own profile which customers can browse. These profiles include full information about the artisan as well as a portfolio of completed work.

Artisans search projects or browse by category and if they find something they want to work on, they can indicate their interest. Everything is custom made to order.

Custom Made is all about what makes the Internet so great. People want to get items made for them and artisans need to find customers to make things for. It’s a match made in heaven, or on the Net.

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